While growing up Maureen had a fascination with beautiful homes with exquisite curb appeal. Early on she realized she wanted to be an architect. While in school seeking a degree in architecture she recognized that Florida had a bountiful amount of plants that work well together to create perfect environments in harmony with different architecture styles. This realization spurred her decision to get her masters degree in landscape architecture. She began as a established Landscape Architects Assistant for a Landscape Architectural Design-Build Firm in Miami for Robert Parsely of Geomanic Designs INC. She specialized in the design, coordination and construction of hundreds of design/build projects from high-end residential, institutional, commercial and hospitality projects. 

Maureen has been working in the landscape industry for 26 years providing Landscape Design and Planting Plans to home owners, contractors, developers and architects while providing competitive fees. She's a Florida registered Landscape architect whose had the good fortune to have worked on many of these projects as a consultant for some of Palm Beaches most respected contractors. Today she is a successful landscape architect with her own business and owns a synthetic grass company as well.

In 1999, Maureen launched her own Landscape Architecture business when she moved to Palm Beach. Her new endeavor led her to producing landscape design work for notable landscape contractors, residential developers, single-family home owners and community developers. She also became consulting Landscape Architect for Sunflower Landscaping & Maintenance, for their clients, GL Homes, specifically The Bridges and Seven Bridges.

The Landscape Design adventure starts from the initial meeting with the home owners to discuss their wish list, style, preferences and dreams. Every client and their family is different, their landscaping should reflect their unique lifestyle as well. 

Maureen chooses plants based on her extensive knowledge of Florida plant materials, this includes knowing proper spacing of each plant for the greatest growth and life-span, knowing which plants flourish next to one another and which cannot, knowledge of how much sunlight and water each plant requires, which ones are going to grow to provide the greatest shade, and having a keen eye for which assortment would look best and fit the clients particular needs. Gathering all of this knowledge, Maureen works to create the perfect garden for every single client. 

"I love creating a beautiful environment for my clients, that satisfies their wants and needs. Working within a budget and within the cities code requirement guidelines. This has been achieved solely on referrals and the success I've had has only happens when a client is completely satisfied with the finished product and recommends me to their friends!"

Architects, Landscape Contractors, Home Owners and Builder’s Maureen has worked with:
GL Homes
Cudmore Builders- General Contractor
Estate Development- Contractor
David A. Farrow- General Contractor
Ciro Gomez- General Contractor
Al Giachetti- General Cotractor
The Baltimore Group- Developer
Rick Brautigan- Architect
Modern Landscape
Atlantic Landscape
Sunflower Landscape
Ashem Group
Soderlund Architecture & Design
J-W Engineering Inc.
DK Architects/ Planners, Inc.